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Are you interested in having Sue-Ellen present at a conference or workshop? With lots of experience in this area, for both adults and children, there are a number of workshops to chose from. Or, if you'd like something different, please get in touch! 

Workshops for Adults

Using psychological tools to create compelling characters


This workshop explores a number of psychological tools and how we can use them to create compelling, well-developed characters that your readers will fall in love with.

Comic Book Illustrations
Woman Writing

Staying sane as an author!

Creating a work/life balance that works for us (and keeps us sane!) can sometimes be hard as authors. This workshop explores different strategies and tools to help us keep this balance and make sure that we continue enjoying being a writer. 

Unleashing your muse

Written for new and emerging writers, this workshop explores how we get our writing working for us - knowing what we want to write, moving through writer's block, understanding how to move our writing along. 

Earth Projection

Writing Young Adult: the psychology of the teenage brain

With the teenage brain still developing, our YA characters will often deal with things differently to adult protagonists. This workshop explores how we can use this knowledge to write teenage characters that ring true to your readers. 

Worldbuilding Wonder

How do we create worlds that become a character in their own right in our stories? What helps our readers understand and connect with our world? This workshop explores the different layers needed to create a wonderful world. 

New World

Workshops for kids

Teacher & Student

Author Talk

Find out what it means to be author, how we get ideas and what the happens in the publishing process (appropriate for both primary and secondary school students)

Tapping into your imagination and writing an awesome story!

Using story prompts and story writing tools, kids will get the opportunity to unleash their imagination and write the story that's in them. 

Fantasy Horse
Online Study

Genre Blitz: 6 stories in one day

A workshop that allows kids and teenagers to explore 6 different genres and create stories for each one

Writing after dark

The workshop gives teenagers the opportunity to explore the sometimes 'darker' genres of writing - fantasy (urban, paranormal), sci fi, thriller/crime and horror.


Janine, Adult

This workshop came at the right time for me. Working out what was creating my stress, understanding the tools and what choices I could make as an author to keep enjoying my writing was great. I'd recommend this course to others. Thanks.

Chris, Adult

It was so interesting to understand how a teenage brain works! I'm looking forward to using this information in my story (and with my own kids when they get older!)

Sam, 14

"The workshop was great. I really enjoyed the way we worked out who our characters were and how my story could be written. I'd definitely do it again.
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