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Fantasy and dystopian

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A Bonded Changer Romance

True love can take you higher than you ever dreamed.
Eighteen-year-old Nick Larcombe is a self-confessed non-romantic. Until he lays eyes on Grace Carr, who has just moved to Bruny Island with her grandmother, Lillie.
Already bruised and battered by life, Grace isn’t looking for any sort of relationship, but when Nick, the mysterious boy next door, somehow rescues her from sure death at the bottom of a windswept cliff, Grace needs answers. 
But how can Nick give her the answers she needs when he’s been sworn to secrecy, ordered to keep his true nature hidden from the girl he’s fallen hard for? And what will his community do when they discover he’s fallen in love with a human? 
Intensely romantic, Aquila is a story of sacrifice and passion, and how true love can make you soar.


A Bonded Changer Romance

Two lovers. One bond. A secret that might tear them apart. 


It was supposed to be simple. Move to Noosa, finally meet the guy she's been talking to on-line, fall in love and live happily ever after. Except for Lani Green, it hasn't turned out that way. 


All Lani wants is to have the same bond her whole family have with their partners, but it's not working out as she hoped. Not only hasn't she fallen for Zac, she's attracted to his housemate, Matt, instead. A housemate who's human. And there's no way that can happen.

Unable to deny her growing attraction for Matt however, she gives into her desire for him. And now, she has to deal with not only her family's disapproval but Matt's jealous ex-girlfriend as well. 

But Lani isn't sure if she can make this relationship work while keeping from him who she really is. 

Can their love survive this secret?


Intensely romantic, Sphenurus is a story of family and passion, and how true love can make you soar.

9780648801825 copy.jpg

How can you disappear, only to appear in a new location, and not know how it happens?

How can you have any sort of life if you can’t control when this happens?

And how can you find the answers when you don’t even know your own name?


For twenty year old Rhiannon Clarke, the last three days are all she can remember. And they have just been a series of flicking in and out of different locations with only vague memories to guide her. But as she slowly starts to build a picture of her life, the questions are getting harder.


Why is this happening to her? Why does the thought of her brother fill her with unease? Why does her father’s name make her break into a cold sweat?


And who is the mysterious man in the bed?

51AxsrQqWYL._AC_SY1000_ copy.jpg

Katie James’ life is about to change . . . again.

Having survived The Great Rise which decimated the land, the former medical student has made a new life for herself under the leadership of the Authority. But her peaceful existence on the edge of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland is shattered when she discovers a body floating in the waves.

Unsure who she can trust, Katie embarks on a mission to discover the truth… even if it puts her on the same kill list.


What would you do to protect your family?

17 year old Penn just wants a real life. One where he’s not forced to lie and steal for his abusive stepfather Gep. One where he and his twin brother, Jimmy, are free from Gep's dark magic.

When they move to yet another town to steal magical artefacts for Gep, Penn is hopeful that things might be different this time. Especially when he finds himself attracted to a girl in his class, Selti.

But when Jimmy starts to weaken, fading like their mum did before she died, Penn knows he’ll do anything to save him. Even if that means betraying Selti... or giving in to his own powers.

A modern retelling of Pinocchio with an urban fantasy twist.

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